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Soda Blasting Equipment Case Study: 3 Advantages for Cleaning Swimming Pool Tile


When it comes to getting your swimming pool looking its best, you want to ensure that all the surfaces are sparkling clean – including the tile.

What is the best way to clean pool tiles? Soda blasting machines just might be the answer you're looking for!

How to Clean Up Pool Tile using Soda Blasting


Soda blasting swimming pool tile on Maui using the ACE Model 2-PS Heavy Duty Portable Soda Blaster – (Photos and video courtesy of Maui SodaBlast, LLC – Paia, Hawaii – owners John & Rina Andrade)

In straightforward terms, soda blasting is a process where sodium bicarbonate – also known as baking soda – is used to clean a surface. Soda blasting equipment is becoming increasingly popular for cleaning and restoration tasks, because it is gentle yet effective.

Soda blasting machines can be used on different surfaces, including metal, tile, cement, glass and wood.

In this article we will look at a real world case study. Pool cleaning, maintenance and repair company Maui SodaBlast owned by John and Rina Andrade, have used our ACE soda blasting equipment to increase the environmentally friendly credentials of their business while also seeing an increase in revenue. We’ll look at 3 reasons why Soda Blasting equipment helped this to happen. Let’s get started!

Advantage 1 - Gentle but effective on surfaces

When it comes to cleaning pool tile, soda blasting equipment has several advantages over other methods. For one thing, it is much gentler than other options, such as glass beads or power washing. This means it won't damage the tile or the grout between the tiles.

Soda blasting machines are also very effective at removing tough stains and build-up from pool tiles even without the harsher approach of other methods that risk damaging the tile surface.


How to Clean Up Pool Tile using Soda Blasting 


John recently wrote to me, stating he'd had great success offering his clients a calcium removal (hard water line on tile) service.


Using this method with a portable soda blasting machine with an adjustable pressure system means that even tough marks, dirt, and calcium build up can be removed with no damage. As you can see from the images this usually restores the client's pool tile to its original condition and is an eco-friendly method compared with other options. The results of the transformation are excellent! Not only is there no more calcium build-up, but the tile and stone are also clean and undamaged

John soda blasts with a media specifically designed for pool cleaning and has “never had any problems with pitting or damaging glass or ceramic tile”. We will always advise that the operator has to adjust the blasting pressure (PSI or Pounds Per Square Inch) depending on how stubborn the water line (calcium).” John says that

“Keeping the nozzle at an angle works best. Also, I recommend keeping the nozzle moving, do not keep it in place too long. Reason being the grout line can be blown out if not careful and adjusting PSI as you go. Some calcium build ups are harder to remove than others, which is why the operator may have to increase the PSI.”

When you do such an effective cleaning job with no damage to the surface or grout then happy, repeat customers will follow.

Advantage 2 - Soda Blasting is Environmentally friendly

Soda blasting equipment provides an effective and environmentally friendly way to clean and remove stubborn stains.

As we should care for the planet we live on and preserve it for future generations, using more eco-friendly products is the right thing to do. From a commercial point of view it also makes sense as more customers are thinking about the products and services they use and how they impact the environment.

Blasting with soda is quiet, non-abrasive, and safe for the environment. Sodium bicarbonate dissipates quickly, is non-toxic to people and animals, and doesn't run the risk of leaving behind permanent heat damage or chemical markings.

In order to remove coatings and impurities from a range of substrates in an environmentally friendly way, sodium bicarbonate has been employed in soda blasting for more than 30 years. Soda blasting offers a gentle yet efficient approach to clean, remove paint, and degrease a broad variety of substrates, including steel, lead, aluminum, alloys, plastics, rubbers, composites, ceramic and masonry materials, whether the task is a restoration project or preparing a surface for a new coat of paint.

The main environmental issues with abrasive blasting are dust emissions and the containment and disposal of debris. Crystalline silica, which is designated in a number of U.S. states as a dangerous air pollutant, is released by conventional blast media like sand.

In contrast, sodium bicarbonate is given a "0" rating by the U.S. Hazardous Materials Identification System, indicating that both it and the byproducts of its decomposition are non-hazardous, non-toxic substances. Additionally, compared to other abrasive media, soda often produces less waste volume.

For the same amount of work, baking soda often generates less than 20% of the waste volume associated with sand or glass bead blasting, making cleanup and residue disposal simpler. Since soda blast media is water soluble, clean up is simple. Any media that gets into the pool simply dissolves. Just check the PH level after cleaning the pool and adjust if necessary.

John says that for an average pool he does not need to use a large amount of blast media:

“For a basic pool at 15-20k gallons, I might use a bag and a half to two bags, but no more than three.”

Advantage 3 - Soda blasting is time effective

Using the ACE Model 2-PS Heavy Duty Soda Blaster makes the job quick and efficient. John found out for himself when using soda blasting machines to clean pool tiles. He states:

“The actual time in the water soda blasting all depends on the size of the pool, multiple bodies of water, spill over and/or negative edge and trough. I might be in the water max 2 hours; the hardest part of the job is setting up, breaking down, and cleaning up the media off of the pool deck.”

How to Clean Up Pool Tile using Soda Blasting How to Clean Up Pool Tile using Soda Blasting 

The fact that you need less blast media with Soda Blasting equipment provides a time advantage as there is less time spent loading it into the machine. Soda blasting equipment also produces far less waste product so there’s less time spent collecting it after cleaning the pool tiles.

How to Clean Up Pool Tile using Soda Blasting How to Clean Up Pool Tile using Soda Blasting 

Check the link below to see a short video of the actual process in action:

Soda blasting swimming pool tile – ACE Model 2-PS

Maui Soda Blasts benefits from ACE Soda Blasting equipment

Buying Soda blasting equipment was an excellent decision for John and Rina’s business, as the gentle but effective cleaning power, eco-friendly credentials, and time saving aspects of Soda blasting have made the business very popular among referrals and recurring customers. Being a small island, Maui has seen word of mouth travel quickly about the service.

Consequently, the pool business has enjoyed a significant increase in revenue, approximately 20% with only existing customers and a handful of referrals since they do not advertise.

John also noted that clients are "very happy" with the soda blasting results and appreciate that it is a safe and sustainable method for keeping their pool tile looking its best.

Soda Blasting equipment for sale

What type of soda blasting machinery should you buy? Where is soda blasting equipment for sale? These are some of the questions John and Rina Andrade had when they called me a while back to ask if soda blasting could help them expand their business and improve profitability. They were interested in using an eco-friendly, green cleaning process in their business. After discussing the benefits of soda blasting, they decided to purchase soda blasting equipment starting with the ACE Model 2-PS Heavy Duty Portable Soda Blaster.

The Andrades have been very happy with the results they've seen since using the soda blaster in their business.

Not only has it helped them to save time and money, but it has also allowed them to offer a more effective and environmentally friendly service to their customers. Using soda blasting has helped expand their business and increase profit.

If you are looking to buy soda blasting equipment take a look at the full range available on our website from this link Soda Blasting machines for sale.


Soda blasting is an eco-friendly way to clean calcium build-up around pools and spas. In Hawaii, soda blasting is a popular method for restoring the beauty of swimming pools, spas, fountains, and water features.

Soda blasting is a gentle yet effective way to clean without damaging the surface. Whether you have a swimming pool cleaning business, a property management business, or a home pool, soda blasting is a great way to restore the beauty of your pool, spa, fountain, or water feature!