ACE Media Blasting Products


ACE Sandblasting offers an economical line of soda blasting equipment, designed to meet numerous cleaning applications. All of our products use environmentally friendly soda blast media. Each of ACE's soda blasting models is designed to provide a cost effective way to take advantage of soda blasting's unique cleaning properties. Remove paint, oil, mold, carbon, grease, grime, and many other difficult to remove soils and paints, without damaging the underlying material.

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ACE siphon blast cabinets are economically priced, have a minimum number of moving parts, and require less maintenance than a direct pressure system. So what are Siphon cabinets? Also known as suction cabinets, they permit continuous blasting without pausing to refill abrasive media. Production rates are not as high as with a direct pressure system, but resulting finishes are comparable in quality. If you’re looking for low initial cost and easy maintenance, ACE siphon blast cabinets meet the challenge.

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ACE Direct Pressure Systemsutilize a pressure pot that accelerates the media from the pot through the blast hose, to the nozzle. A direct pressure unit has the same amount of pressure in the pressure pot vessel, and passing through the air line that connects to the outlet of the abrasive metering valve. In most applications, work can be done four times faster than with a siphon system as the abrasive is delivered at a much higher velocity.

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ACE dust collector systems are designed for the removal of dust and dirt particles created while blasting within a cabinet. In operation, the collector draws dust and dirty air from the cabinet into the canister, where the heavier particles are deposited into the bottom of the housing. The air is drawn through the filter, which removes the finer dust particles. Filtered air is returned to the room. The dust collector you choose should match the work that you're doing at your facility.

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Need a portable abrasive blaster for your job?Look no further! ACE offers portable abrasive blasters to tackle any kind job. Our portable units are manufactured to the same high quality standards as our cabinets. Portable soda blasters and sandblasters allow you to take your equipment to the job, and are necessary when you have items that won’t fit into a cabinet, or are located at a different location from your workshop.

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Keep your ACE blasting equipment in peak operating condition by replacing worn out parts with genuine ACE replacement parts. Normal wear items like nozzles, air jets, valves, filters, and gloves should be replaced as needed, to insure that your blasting equipment is operating efficiently.

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