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Soda Blasting Case Study: Mold and Fire Damage

Mold and fire damage can be devastating to your home or business. They usually occur unexpectedly and can cause a lot of damage.

When they do occur, it is important to act quickly, otherwise, they can pose a severe health hazard such as black mold.

So, if you're dealing with mold or fire damage, you may be wondering what your options are for clean-up and restoration.

Good news! Soda Blasting is one of the best ways to remove mold and fire damage.

Mold and Fire Damage Removal using Soda Blasting


(Mold damage before and after soda blasting (picture courtesy of ARMEX)

Soda blasting is far more efficient than many other popular methods, especially when combined with a fan tip nozzle. This is because soda blasting allows for much greater labor efficiency, meaning that less time and effort will be required to complete the task at hand.

For instance, a fan tip nozzle's flat, the blade-like spray pattern is ideal for cleaning joists, studs, roof decking, brick, and cement blocks. Using a fan tip nozzle can significantly improve the speed of this process, making it more efficient and profitable.

In addition, this method is also effective in removing mold and fire damage, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for an all-in-one solution.

Here is a video showing soot, charring, and smoke damage sustained from a basement fire soda blasted using the ACE Model 2-PS Heavy Duty Portable Soda Blaster equipped with a fan tip nozzle and extension wand:


(Video courtesy of Paul Davis Restoration)

Soda blasting is an eco-friendly cleaning method that is becoming increasingly popular among mold remediation and fire damage restoration companies. Soda blasting is more efficient than traditional cleaning methods, uses less material, and has the ability to deodorize. As a result, soda blasting is an ideal choice for restoring properties damaged by mold or fire.

Here is a video from the Crawl Space Ninja talking about the use of soda blasting for mold removal:

(Video courtesy of Crawl Space Ninja)

This particular soda blasting equipment setup (the ACE Model 2-PS with fan tip nozzle and extension wand) is great for mold and fire damage cleanup because it's very effective and also cost-effective. I've recommended this to many professional restoration companies as well as hundreds of independent contractors, property management companies, and individual homeowners.

The results have been fantastic across the board.

It does not matter if you are a professional or not, soda blasting is still a great way to clean things up. You will use less material, have more efficient labor utilization, and be able to deodorize the area all while being eco-friendly.

I'm definitely sure you find this very helpful. Subsequently, I'll be discussing other projects that made use of soda blasting and how effective it was. It's truly one of the most amazing and eco-friendly ways to clean.

We have a responsibility to take care of this planet and leave it better than how we found it, and soda blasting is a great way to do our part.